EHMAHAA acquires the only Canberra cockpit!














We are excited about our new arrival. The Canberra Cockpit! Thanks to NBN Television for being here to document this historical addition to the Evans Head Memorial Heritage Aviation Association.

EHMAHAA wins 2014 Cultural Heritage Award

Announced on the 8th November 2014 in the NSW Tidy Towns awards for 2014, EHMAHAA was awarded a highly commended in the Population C category  from the Office of Environment and Heritage,  Cultural Heritage Award.  Next year we aim to win first place.


Mallard on Exhibition

Airpark proprietor Peter Lynch and his Grumman “Mallard” were on hand for opening day on the 25th creating lots of interest for spectators. Peter acted as ‘guide’ for the day giving a running commentary on the history of the aerodrome and the Mallard. It was hard to get visitors to leave at closing time!

Flying Machines on Opening Day

A number of local aviators flew in on opening day in a variety of flying machines.

Visitors on Opening Day

More than a 1,000 visitors came to the Museum on Sunday morning between 9 and 12 to see the planes and exhibition materials. Centenarian Ann Scully was one of them… can never be too old to visit a museum! There was a line to visit the cockpit of the F-111 and people were engaged by the informative signs and posters prepared for the Museum by the Evans Head Living Museum.

Heritage Aviation Museum Sign Goes Up

The huge Museum sign shown in the photo here was put up by a specialist from Brad Bishopp’s Outdoor Advertising Group late on Friday afternoon. Quite a  task  in the strong westerly wind but done beautifully. There is no missing this sign……..!  Thanks Brad.  Now we know what the restored World War II Bellman Hangar is all about.

Marine Rescue Volunteers Lend a Hand on Opening Day

Volunteers from Evans Head Marine Rescue were on hand at the Evans Head Memorial Aerodrome on Sunday the 25th of August to lend a hand for parking and advice to visitors. Thanks Marine Rescue for your able assistance.


MiG15 comes to Evans Head

The MiG15 arrived on the 23th of August from Brisbane without its wings, a day and a half before the official opening of the Museum.
The wings arrived on Saturday and the technical boys put it together on Saturday afternoon and wheeled it into the Bellman Hangar late that afternoon  in time for Sunday’s opening.
Whew!  Thanks everyone.  Looks great and is a nice addition to the collection.

NBN News Coverage of F111 Arriving

Click this link to visit the NBN website to view the video footage

F-111 Arriving













Here it is! the F111 Jet has finally arrived.

F-111 Jet Arriving

The F-111 jet  will arrive on the 5th of August

Museum will open on the 25th of August and previews will be showing from 9am to 12pm midday.

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