New website address

We have changed our website address (URL) to, which is short for Evans Head Heritage Aviation Museum. This will be much easier to remember and type compared to the old address.

If you navigate to the old address, you will be automatically re-directed to the new one. In any case, if you have us bookmarked, please change it to the new one.

Orion – major dismantling underway

On September 18, the work crew detached and removed the aft radome, and work continued on the complicated task of detaching the wings.

Orion featured in local newspaper

The museum work crew and the Orion aircraft have been featured in the local newspaper, the Northern Star, which typically gives a lot of attention to local stories. There was a big photo on the front page, and the inside page featured a great article by reporter Javier Encalada, with quotes from EHMAHAA president Rod Kinnish and museum manager Ken Duplock, on the progress of work to get the aircraft moved to Evans Head from Lismore airport. The specialist tools and equipment have begun arriving for the huge dismantling task, involving removal of wings, engines and tailplane.

The front page photo ( there seems to be something in the sky to the northwest?)