New lighting installed in hangar

A start has been made on installing energy-efficient LED lighting in the hangar. One of 6 rows of the ceiling downlights has been fitted with LED units, which will use half the power of the mercury-vapor lamps they are replacing. Also we expect they will be more reliable: several of the older units have failed.

Ron Taaffe and Rod Kinnish in the ‘cherry-picker’ removing the old lamp.

Orion P3-C work underway

Following the official handover of the Orion in December, 2018, work has commenced on preparing the aircraft for road transport from Lismore aerodrome to the museum. For more on this story, go here

Fairey Battle model back on display

Following a major clean-up and re-paint by museum crew, the Fairey Battle scale model is back on display at the entrance to Evans Head, opposite the school. The cockpit canopy was also restored. The Fairey now has the correct colour scheme for a WW2 target towing aircraft as used at No.1 BAGS. The 1/3 scale model was built by staff of Richmond Valley Council.

Museum and crane crews following the installation

Museum acquires original Dickenson hang glider

An item of local and world aviation significance has been donated to the museum collection. It is the third in a series of gliders made by John Dickenson and flown at Grafton. His first two craft are no longer in existence. His design incorporated a suspended seat and a triangular frame which allowed the craft to be controlled in both pitch and roll/yaw by weight shift. Dickenson is recognised as one of the pioneers of the modern hang glider.

Handing over the documentation